How much do you charge?

As every event is different we do not have set prices on our website. Please contact us directly with the details of your event and we will provide you with a cost to suit your requirements. The price that we quote you will include one special request and our travel costs.

Can you play music that isn’t on your repertoire list?

All of our prices include one special request not already on our repertoire list. Further special requests are charged at £30 per piece to cover purchase of music and/or time spent arranging.

Can you play Hymns for our church ceremony?

Yes we can and we do not charge extra for this. We just need the name of the hymns a couple of weeks before the ceremony and an Order of Service on the day to check the number of verses.

How long can you play for?

Our minimum booking is 1 hour and we can play for anything up to around 4 hours. We would need adequate breaks during longer bookings of approximately 10 minutes per hour minimum.

What kind of music do you play?

Our repertoire includes a variety of music including classical, popular, jazz and folk. We can play solely classical music or can play a mix of different styles, depending on your requirements.

What do you need on the day?

We require 4 armless chairs and ideally space of around 3 x 2 metres, although can be flexible in fitting into space available. It is handy to have a nearby room or area where we can store our cases and bags out of the way. We do not generally require a power supply. Soft drinks/tea and coffee are always very welcome and for longer bookings of 3 hours or more a light meal or sandwiches would be very much appreciated.

Can you play outside?

Yes as long as the weather is suitable we are more than happy to play outside. If it is sunny, we will require shade to protect our instruments and we would not be able to play outside in damp or windy conditions.

Do you offer a string trio or duo?

Yes we offer a string trio or duo for instances where space may be an issue or when playing in a more intimate, smaller venue. A string duo or trio can also be an economical choice if you are working to a tight budget, although please bear in mind, the repertoire for the smaller groups are not as large as the repertoire for the full quartet.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we do and we are covered up to £2 million.

If you have any other questions not listed here, please get in touch, we are happy to answer any queries you may have.